Outsourced DIGITAL Marketing For Singapore Startups and SMEs

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Are you about to launch a new company or have you reached a stage with your business where you need to really push on with your marketing activity and don't have the tools?

Digital Marketing is the most effective marketing tool in history, and we believe that it should be accessible and understandable to every business, from small to blue-chip. We aim to fill the marketing gap in your business by becoming your "pay-as-you-go," full service, digital marketing department. You may not need us all the time, but we are here for when you do and, as such, we believe that transparency in the way we finance our relationship with you is essential.

It’s not always possible, or smart, to do everything at once. We work with you to make changes that have the most effect first, and provide for how a solution may grow in the future. We also guide that growth, by continuously evaluating the effectiveness of designs and building on their successes, increasing your ROI.

As a Digital Marketing Company, our team has years of experience in traditional marketing and advertising and an innovative view of the medium. We understand that you have to be creative to make your media buy stand out against the competition, and you have to be aware of driving results with the creative message and visuals we develop. This is one of our secret weapons that has made us pioneers in the industry, and it never ceases to produce great results for our clients. Our creative expertise is full service and we are among the leading interactive media buyers, which allows us to leverage some of the best deals in the marketplace and achieve the most value for our clients' investment.

Our job doesn't end with your approval of a marketing program. That's just the beginning. We want to know:

  • How do your customers perceive your work?
  • How are they interacting with you?
  • How is it affecting their opinion of your brand?
  • How is it affecting their purchase behavior?
  • What is driving these changes and how can we make it better?
Lead Generation & Nuturing

Lead segmentation, landing page and email marketing experts are ready to make that marketing magic start happening for your next campaign!

Content Creation

eBooks, white papers and blog posts. We create engaging content that speaks directly to your customers, and leads them right to you.

Social Media Management

Position you where your customers are hanging out, and start building relationships from Facebook, Instagram down to WeChat.

Search Engine Optimisation

With the right on-page optimization tactics in place, you’ll watch traffic start going up.

Digital Advertising

Managed PPC Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns, via Social Media with a focus on Conversion Rate optimization to boost your ROI and bottom line.

Outsourced Webmaster

From graphic design, uploading content and promotions, crafting eDMs down to currating your blog posts to make yout website stay updated and relevant.

Feature Enhancements

Design fresh and innovating new ideas such as implementing Chatbots, Managed Live Chats and Booking Engines.

Outsourced Marketer

Development of ongoing Web Strategy for continual Digital Engagement.

What we've done

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Cost Effective Digital Marketing

Our aim is to fill the marketing gap in your business by becoming your "pay-as-you-go," full digital service marketing department.



16 hrs or 2 man days worth of Digital Marketing services including Website Maintenance, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing

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40 hrs or one week worth of Digital Marketing services including Managed Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Search Optimisation, PR Outreach, Content Writing, Digital Lead Generation, Chat Management

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Larger SME's


One month worth of Digital Marketing services including SEO, SEM, SMM, Digital Sales Funnel Optimisation,  Competitors analysis and more.

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* We are not GST registered. Additional services and/or resources that we ‘buy in’ such as stock or original photography, domain names, print, Google adwords, and media space are quoted in advance

Why Outsource your Digital Marketing?

Here at Otaku Interactive, we are constantly rethinking about how to further add value to you, especially in this current pandemic. Think of this as having your own in-house digital marketing team; that is always a Zoom call away.

Our whole team can even drop by for brainstorming sessions over coffee monthly. Think about it. You bring a fresh executive on board, training him with all your enthusiasm, going out of your way to accommodate him down to trying to find things to keep him occupied - only to find him leaving the company 2 months later because of the lack of career advancement; Worse yet, he got bored. Staff retention is hard in Singapore. We feel you.

As your Full-Service Digital Marketing Company, we can provide managed digital marketing services, from doing competitors analysis, implementing digital marketing campaigns based on targeting the right clientele, WeChat marketing (with our own in-house Chinese translators), Search Engine Optimisation down to crafting your social media posting that will yield the best responses. And even crafting the right drip funnel email campaign. Throughout the years, we've worked with some of the finest brands down to your local mom-and-pop shops. We know what we're doing, probably.

Doing roadshows? We have our own inhouse printing capabilities for large format prints, event signages right down to vehicle wrap. We got you covered. All the headache and frustration of keeping a full team of marketers, solved. All this at the price of bringing an executive on board? Why not?


Myron Tay

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5 Staff with over 30 years of combined experience

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm
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Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

Marketing Toolbag for Startup Business

Are you about to launch a new company or have you reached a stage with your business where you need to really push on with your marketing activity and don't have the tools?

Are you having trouble sourcing a single organisation that can help you and finding yourself having to deal with numerous businesses to deliver the marketing platforms you need?

Well, what if you had a pre agreed marketing tool bag where you had a professionally designed logo, a fully content managed website that had been optimised for Google, an emailer for email marketing, a direct mail piece like a flyer, an advertisement or maybe a banner stand to erect at networking meetings?

As part of Otaku Interactives's committment to helping the small to medium business, we are offering to do all the above quickly, professionally and for a very good, one-off price to have your own "marketing tool bag" for you to tap into whenever you need it.

We will do all this quickly, effectively, professionally and within 4 weeks of taking the brief. You cannot get simpler than that!

startup Package


  • Professionally designed Logo
  • Namecard Design
  • Fully CMS Website
  • Web/Email Hosting (1 Yr)
  • Custom Emailer for Email Marketing
  • 1x Brochure Design