The increasing advertising saturation and the change in consumer behavior towards media consumption have led to the need to find non-intrusive advertising formulas that are of interest to users.

Although apparently not directly linked to conversion, your ultimate goal is and should be to transform leads into actual customers, in addition to building more loyal and close relationships with existing customers.

Why do you need to incorporate branded content into your marketing strategy?

Because it is advertising that adds value to the user. If the branded content strategy is well conceptualized, the user will want to consume the branded content, since it will be relevant and of interest to him. In this way, the content will help us to connect more easily with the target.
Because it builds a brand. In the medium term, branded content helps to position brands in the consumer’s top-of-mind as a benchmark for their sector, thus helping them to choose them as the first option when they decide to carry out some type of conversion. For this, it is key to always offer content that responds to the needs and interests of the target, and at the same time is aligned with the positioning of the brand.

Because of customer loyalty. Branded content helps create long-lasting relationships with the consumer and emotionally link them with the brand. The longer and deeper the relationship between the customer and the company, the greater the benefits for repeated purchases and with it, the ROI.

It can be used and disseminated through various paid channels. Within a global digital strategy, Branded Content becomes a key tool to enhance results in the main paid channels. Combining outbound and inbound communication has been shown to increase the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

Because it generates potential quality traffic. It allows companies to attract high-quality traffic to the brand website or blog, to attract users to the reality of the product and to the final conversion.

How can we help you at Otaku?

At Otaku, we help you map out a content strategy based on quantified objectives and within a global digital strategy so that all channels work together to guide the target audience through the different stages of the funnel until the final conversion.

These are the phases of the process that we follow:

Definition of the Buyer Persona

From an exhaustive study of the search terms related to the territory of the brand, as well as the information available to it (quantitative and qualitative market studies, information from the sales team, as well as inputs from advertising channels), strategic target patterns are established.

Definition of the Content Strategy

A content strategy is defined based on the brand’s objectives and the interests and needs of the different targets that have been established, always taking into account the recommendations of the different channels regarding formats and uses.

Generation of Content

We manage and coordinate the production of the different contents (audiovisual production, development of articles and infographics, etc.), always taking into account the SEO strategy of the brand.

Dissemination, measurement, and optimization

We take care of the activation of the paid channels to spread the content, of the measurement of the results, and of the constant optimization of the content plan based on the results that are obtained.

Remember that branded content is a marketing tool that can help turn potential customers into real ones and retain them in the long term. Get in touch with us here and discover how we can help you with your content strategy.