Managing over 7,498 ads for 3,258 businesses Globally

Adriel comprised of award-winning Machine Learning scientists and experts from global media, ad agencies, and e-commerce industries with dediated local support from Otaku Interactive



Grow your Business online with Otaku Interactive and Adriel

Already more than 3,000 global users from e-commerce, SaaS, real estate agencies, cosmetic shops, tourist agencies, medical clinics and many other industriesare advertising their businesses with Adriel.

Advertisement Creation

Automatically create and run ads on multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

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Automatic Ad Management

Automatically design campaign strategies including target audience profile, channel selection, budget amount, etc.

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Ad Optimisation

Automatically optimize campaign settings based on machine learning as we get more data while running the campaign

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Adriel is a web-based SaaS platform that provides marketing and automation strategies through multimedia connections

Experience more efficiency and improved results to manage your ads in a transparent, pay-as-you-spend manner.

Adriel Optimizer

Machine Learning Based Optimization Engine with Real-Time Automation

Adriel Connect

Multichannel API Communication Enginefor Multimedia Advertising / Registration

Adriel Dashboard

Visualize Ad Results / Strategic Reportingto Provide Insights For Cross Platforms

Adriel Manager

Improve Ad Settings / Real-time Automatic Reporting Manage All Communications

Adriel Crawler

Ad Materials / Automatic Settings Generate Banner Ads and Provide Optimization for All Channels

Supported by Otaku Interactive

Singapore-based customer support for all localization efforts, enquiries and issues

We provides all around advertising solutions and ensure maximum performance within a given period.

Experience more efficiency and improved results to manage your ads in a transparent, pay-as-you-spend manner.

1. Ad setting/execution and screening approval

Identify your products, services, and advertising goals
Ad creation and execution, approval management

Collect ad effectiveness and feedback

Dedicated Manager
Word changes based on market response
Optimize targeting, such as interests/keywords

AI Engine
Optimize various advertising parameters, including machine-learning-based targets and channel mixes.

Learning and responding to feedback results

Dedicated Manager
Response to advertisers' requests
Propose campaign strategies and change structure as needed
Improved targeting

AI Engine
Optimize daily advertising with machine learning (Allocation of budget by channel, automatic adjustment of bidding price

Create optimal advertising strategy for the future

Based on the collected data, AI and dedicated managers analyze and extract insights
Re-establish insight-based ad strategy
Parameter values and creative direction suggestions for future ads

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