E-commerce design is a combination of web design and graphic design with only a single goal in mind – Getting consumers to click on the Buy Now button.

With 179.7 million monthly visitors to Lazada just in Singapore, shouldn’t you spend some time optimising your listing and try to convert browsing visitors to you, attracting and educating them on what your product is all about to convince them to buy what you’re selling. Understanding what your user cares about, how do you communicate the right message to these people?

For example, if price sensitivity is the key, we can highlight a price drop in bold. Or if you have some unique features you want to show off, we can enlarge these points of interest. Other things we can look at involves looking at the color of the product itself or interest them on the use-case-scenarios. Flamboyant designs, exaggerated visuals or off-kilter color combinations can also come into play – Think of it like choosing the right clothing to wear, mixing and matching between the different pieces for the occasion – be it getting ready to work or going on a date. What we want to do at this point is to craft a purpose-lead design.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 redesigned product display page on Lazada. View it live.

The job of the designer is equivalent to doing both the role of the interior and print design – marrying the Interior decoration design and promotional posters of physical outlet. 

We should always try to always guide users in the direction we want, with the ultimate goal of getting him to click on the buy now button. Even if not today, he could still go away learning more about your brand, your product or simply getting him to learn more about your company and what other products you offer; heck, he might even recommend it to a friend that might need it. The product display page is probably the only advertising space where it is acceptable to shout about ALL your key features and convince visitors that your spec sheet is what they are looking for – You can’t get away with doing this on a print advertisement.

Furthermore, a web store design and product page design need to be consistent. We have to look at your product packaging, communication message, print advertisement and brochure to ensure a consistent messaging. Having a  unified message and visual helps reinforce your brand and product – And we can’t achieve this by simply taking a screenshot of the product specfications in your website.

Having the right product display page will help reinforce your brand/product – and educate the visitor a thing or two about what makes your product stand apart.

A quick search on Lazada for “rice cooker” yields 8091 results. So ask yourself this; There are probably thousands of competitors in your space – What makes your product stand out?