Email Marketing

An essential component of any well-crafted, effective inbound marketing strategy. Whether your goal is to generate sales, sell products or simply to collect data, your landing pages are where the action happens.

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Store your subscribers with your WordPress installation. You can manage, edit or segment them inside lists with ease.

Manage mailing lists, send automatic auto responder, follow ups, latest posts or birthday greetings.

Track your campaigns, lists and subscribers in real time. Track opens, clicks, unsubscriptions, bounces and much more

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Email Marketing. Solved.

Email marketing often uses leads already in your database or leads from a list. By creating emails to promote content pieces, events, new product launches, and so on, you can create additional buzz and demand for your company. Email marketing attracts leads to your website, blog, social channels, events, and webinars, making it a fantastic channel to move leads through your sales funnel.

To a lot of people, the term “email marketing” automatically conjures images of an email intent on one thing – selling. In actual fact, there are a number of types of email communications, some of which are not directly sales related but can certainly contribute to your bottom line in other ways.

At Otaku Interactive, we offer highly bespoke Email Marketing campaigns, putting you in contact with the people who are most likely to become a client or customer.

Quick Announcements

Simple, brief announcements to inform customers of a special offer or a popular new product. Usually restricted to a single call-to-action for the recipient to scan through.

Catalog Emails

A catalog based email is fairly self explanatory, being an electronic version of a print brochure listing particular products, with the primary goal to encourage customers to purchase.

Press Releases

If you have a list of media contacts that have given your client permission to contact them, emailing press releases to these individuals can be a great way to attract news coverage.

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