Facebook Live is a Facebook streaming tool that allows you to broadcast live videos on this social network, both through the computer and from mobiles. The sender of a video can tell who can see it.

For brands, Facebook Live is a very useful resource for engaging with your audience at key moments and events. Users can communicate with the issuer through reactions (“I like it”, “I love it”, etc.) or with comments. Since live broadcasts easily capture the attention of users, Facebook “rewards” this type of content, enhancing its reach.

In addition to using Facebook Live for commercial purposes, it is interesting to know that live broadcasts on Facebook can also be used for charitable purposes . Pages that meet the requirements for Facebook’s non-profit organizations can add a “Make a donation” button to their live videos and thus raise funds for charitable causes, either their own or from third parties.

Why incorporate Facebook Live into your marketing strategy?

Because it is a profitable way to do video marketing

Marketers are aware of the advantages of video marketing, but sometimes it is still perceived that creating video content is a long and expensive process.

Facebook Live takes the pressure off of making perfectly edited and produced videos, as most users expect authenticity in live broadcasts first and foremost. Therefore, it is not necessary to have expensive equipment or spend hours editing.

Because it helps you connect with the audience

According to Hubspot, videos on Facebook Live generate three times more engagement than traditional videos. The interaction in real time generates a feeling of connection, and makes broadcasts become an event that users want to be a part of.

In this sense, the boom in live broadcasts during the world confinement of 2020 is not surprising: watching live videos and interacting with people behind the scenes make us feel part of a community, as well as being interesting as entertainment .

Because you can organize events at low cost

Facebook Live is a great tool for “kicking off” special occasions, at a much lower cost than a non-virtual event would. In particular, many brands have successfully used it for product launches .

The magic of the live shows that the viewer does not know what is going to happen, and that generates anticipation and emotion in the viewer. With the right promotional campaign, you can keep users on the lookout and connect every time you post a new video to stay on top of what’s new.

Because it generates traffic to your page

The Facebook algorithm likes live videos , and they also have great potential to generate engagement. Combined, these two factors make them highly visible and serve as a “magnet” to attract users to your Facebook page and thus develop your online community.

Because they include integrated analytics

Facebook’s analysis tool, Page Insights, allows you to obtain detailed information on the performance of your live broadcasts so that you can understand in depth what is happening and make the necessary adjustments to your video marketing strategy.

In particular, I recommend paying attention to these metrics:

  • Performance of the publication: here you can see the results of both the publication and the video itself and compare the live broadcasts with other types of content.
  • Engagement Percentage: The percentage of users who performed an action related to your video, such as sharing, clicking, or commenting. You can easily see which videos have managed to generate more interaction to replicate the keys to their success.
  • Spectator retention: number of views and peak of users who have seen the video at the same time.
  • Clicks: Here you can see the users who specifically clicked on your video (instead of automatically playing in their latest news section) and clicks on calls to action, page title or “See more” links .
  • Organic and paid scope of the issue.
  • Negative Reactions: Here you can see how many people have hidden the post, have marked it as spam, or have stopped following your page.