Well, there really is no secret because, as in many other processes, specialization is the key. This is a proven philosophy that, when well used, makes it possible to improve results enormously.

Our four essential profiles of the sales process

In the case of Otaku, we differentiate four fundamental profiles in the sales process:

The Business Analyst

The individual responsible for analyzing and exploring the market, segments and generates the database of potential customers for the product or service.

The Lead Generator

The individual who makes calls and send information to potential clients to generate new interested clients (leads).

The Closer

The individual who visits to leads for closing sales.

The Relationship Manager

The individual who maintains the client portfolio, maximizing the value of each one thanks to techniques such as cross-selling.

Otaku help you generate leads, Digitally

These four profiles of the commercial department are totally different from each other: their key capabilities, core competency, motivations, modus operandi, and at the end, their incentives. If everything is different, why pretend that the same person executes the entire business process effectively and efficiently?

At Otaku, we have your business analyst and your lead generation team ready to make your salespeople happy. Want to know more about how we generate leads? Don’t hesitate to contact us today