You’re probably wondering which influencers are dominating the conversations in your industry or space and why. Getting answers is a matter of identifying important topics or trends in your market reaching out to these select individuals. Influencers come in all shapes and sizes.

Done right, influencer marketing offers a great opportunity to align your brand with your customers’ decision making processes and gain a competitive edge. It can increase sales; drive more high-quality paid, organic and direct traffic to your site; and help you identify trends first.

Remember, this isn’t your traditional advertising campaign. Your role as the marketer is to create a space where relevant conversations can happen around specific topics—not your product or service per se. This is critical to any influencer program. Your goal is to find an influencer for whom your brand is a natural and easy fit and one that matches your philosophy of doing business. Once you find that person, you’ll be amazed by the asset they represent to your brand and your marketing.