Before the rise of the Internet, it was highly unlikely that the average small business would advertise at all – at most investing only in the Yellow Pages, radio or sponsoring the relevant trade magazines. Even in the first decade of the 21st century, only a small percentage of small businesses attempted search engine marketing. Many found that pay-per-click was too expensive or confusing.

Whereas today, we have plenty of low-cost options to get in front of thousands of people that wouldn’t have seen or heard about your business otherwise. Just a dollar a day to get in front of thousands of people – and if your competitors aren’t, you would have won, at least in awareness in your vertical. Bottom line is, if you don’t think you can spare a dollar investing back to your business, you probably shouldn’t be trying to build one.

We’ve always been toying with ideas of creating an affordable package for clients to wet their beaks in understanding the benefits of digital marketing – When it’s done right. Many local businesses are jaded after throwing tens of thousands of dollars for Search Engine Optimisation services that don’t work and Search Engine Marketing services that don’t convert. We aim to change that.

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