Graphic Design

A brand identity might start with a logo development, but a company’s web site is where customers will interact with that brand and form an opinion. Many web sites offer a user experience that is well below customers’ expectations, and a poorly designed web site will often harm a brand rather than add value.

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A well-designed and implemented web site will reinforce a company’s core values and elevate brand perception in the most interactive and memorable way possible. A truly interactive and meaningful web site experience will leave a greater and more positive impression than a 30 second commercial that is interrupting your favourite television show.

Clear and concise value statement so visitors understand the purpose of the page immediately

Focus the whole page on a single message, with a single primary call to action (CTA)

Use conversion design rules to make your CTA stand out (whitespace, color, contrast)

When using a form to collect data, balance the amount of information requested with the perceived value of the item being given in return

Use modal dialogs for supplementary information as opposed to sending them to your website

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