Fully Managed Live Chat For SMEs and Startups

Live Chat Increases

Customer Satisf

Today’s customers want new endpoints and channels for engaging with products and services. Within the next two years, voice interactions will decrease and chat and social interactions will increase. Your CRM isn’t the solution to customer engagement.

Customer interactions have gone from episodic to continuous, and consumers want proactive, not reactive engagement. They want companies to reach out to them with the right information and the right context, where and when they need it. The pace and nature of engagements will change even more in the coming years.

Proactive Invitations

Set up proactive chat messages based on which page your visitor is looking at in real time.

Online Lead Capture

Live chat has been proven to increase lead capture by up to 30%

24/7 Live Monitoring

Our expert team monitors your website 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity to engage

Monthly Reporting

Highlight growth areas and see which of your products/services are performing well.

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    Customize your Message

    We’re experts at what we do – our professional team can handle any query your customers throw at us. But you always set what we can and can’t say about your business.

    How? Before we begin working with you, we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire covering everything we need to know about your business and the kinds of questions you want us to answer for you, including basic info such as location(s), opening hours, what your business does, etc and answers to common questions your web visitors may ask and how to respond to them. You can update your information anytime – if you’re offering new products or services, have a special event coming up, change location or extend your opening times.

    What if we get thrown a curve ball?

    If we receive an enquiry that’s off the script you’ve set for us, we’ll let the customer know we’ll have someone look into it and get back to them shortly and contact your staff immediately so they can respond with the appropriate information.

  • Lead Capture

    Use your website to capture more business leads effortlessly. Live chat has been proven to capture up to almost a third more new business enquiries for website owners because it makes it easier for your customers to contact you.

    Sometimes people are shy creatures.

    Sometimes your customers don’t want to pick up the phone. Sometimes they’re not quite ready to buy – they want more information first. Email enquiries often make people hesitate because they really want an immediate answer.

    Did you know?

    70% of web visitors who don’t get an immediate response when contacting a business for the first time won’t leave a message – they’ll just contact your competitor instead.

    Live Chat engages potential customers in a conversation about your brand while they’re still on your website.We chat to your web visitor, deliver basic customer service and work to capture the lead for you. Then we’ll email you to follow up and close the sale.
  • Proactive Invitations

    With our Fully Managed Live Chat service, you can set up proactive chat messages based on which page your visitor is looking at in real time.

    We are ready to convey the impression that you’re ready and waiting for their query – just as if they were in a bricks and mortar store and show you’re responsive to their needs compared to your competitors.

  • Monthly Reporting

    We email you every new lead and enquiry via email as they happen.

    But we also send you a comprehensive monthly report detailing user statistics such as:

    Number of interactions
    Number of leads captured
    Average response times
    Top performing web pages
    Top referring pages
    Daily and hourly usage rates
    Key business enquiry times and days per week
    Full detailed list of every lead captured and sent each month.
    Data that helps your business grow.

    Use this information to plan for constant business improvement, highlight growth areas and see which of your products/services/staff are performing well.

Seamless Customer Engagement. Solved.

We manage all your online conversations for improved efficiency, a better customer experience, and higher conversion rates.



Receive up to 10 Leads / Mth
Suitable for websites with less than
unique visitors per month

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Receive up to 40 Enquiries / Mth
Suitable for websites with between
1,000 – 4,000
unique visitors per month

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Large Business


Receive up to 90 Leads / Mth
Suitable for websites with between
4,000 – 7,000
unique visitors per month

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