Running your own marketing campaign is the most effective way to grow your business, but it takes a lot of time and expertise to get started. And even more time and money to do it well! Why waste time learning how to do it yourself, when you could outsource it to an expert?

At Otaku, we now have the capability to ‘do the right thing’ across all aspects of the modern customer journey. Our fully integrated approach encompasses everything needed to build a powerful brand and a powerful customer relationship. Click anywhere to see more details about any of our expertise.


We help ambitious clients build powerful brands by defining their role, purpose and specialness.

People only remember 22% of what you say to them. That’s why brands need cultural currency. But it’s tough for advertisers to get talked about when your advertising is just one of many ads in their face every day. Our creative approach creates cultural currency for brands, ensuring they get talked about, written about, and interacted with.

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Small business owners often don’t realise how important a professional-looking website is in today’s digital world.

While most companies spend tons of time and money hiring web developers, marketers, content creators, and salespeople… the one thing they don’t spend much time on is the design of their website. Our digital experts create distinctive brand and engagement-building solutions that encompass everything from website optimisation to eCRM programming to social media.



To produce quality content, you need to strike a careful balance between the time spent writing the content, and the quality of the content.

With Otaku, you can get high-quality, engaging video and content creation for your company’s marketing and sales efforts at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising agencies.



We maximise the value a client can derive from their data, ensuring their insights are better and their actions more effective.

A thorough market analysis, aimed at the development and implementation of effective strategic plan of action, setting the boundaries between the market and the product, positioning of the product, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Our data experts can analyse, optimise, interpret and deliver practical in-market success for any client.


We have specialists in social media that help clients make sense of the ever-expanding and occasionally confusing world of ‘social’.

We can help you take control of your brand and get results from your social media. We approach social media as an integrated marketing strategy. So instead of running campaigns in a siloed environment we help you develop a cohesive plan. By being fully skilled in blogger outreach programs, seeding, community management and social media monitoring, we help clients understand, optimize and get a positive financial and relationship return on their social media investment.


What’s next for your business? We’re here to help you achieve it.