Did you know that your competitors are already using video in their content strategy? For example, digital advertising on YouTube. According to a recent Hubspot study, 81% of brands are currently doing video marketing.

This marketing content is an ideal way to reach Generation Y and Generation Z and thus connect with users in a fast, direct, and emotional way.

Therefore, we are going to talk about what video marketing is, the latest trends in this sector, and how to incorporate it into your social networks, blog, YouTube channel, website, and other channels.

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What is Video Marketing Trends and Advantages

What is video marketing and why you should care?

As its name suggests, video marketing is an online marketing tool that is based on the use of the audiovisual image, mainly through the internet, to achieve different objectives of the marketing strategy.

In short, and simply, it is about adding videos to your content marketing.

Another concept to consider is that of social video: a type of video specially designed to be broadcast through social networks.

It seeks to create shareable pieces (although they do not necessarily have to become viral) and optimized for the individuals of each social network.

Creating quality video content is an investment in time and effort, but doing it is worth it. Of course, if you have well defined the objective for the videos within your marketing strategy.

And is that today, the data clearly shows the audiovisual content has a positive impact on sales and ROI:

  • Video tweets get 3 times more responses and retweets than those that don’t.
  • 90% of users say that product videos are useful when making purchasing decisions
  • 64% of users who watch a video tend to purchase one of the associated products.