At Otaku, we have a proven methodology for crafting websites specializing for B2B, focusing on increasing the number of conversions and improving CVR (Conversion Rate / Conversion Ratio). From targeting and persona design, needs research, site design, content design, writing, wireframe making, web design, coding, we support total web production.

We utilize the following methodology to craft out your website with the goal of crafting a website that maximizes strengths and strengthens customer attraction:


We will start by investigating the target search needs and identify the content required for your website. What content do you need to attract more customers and what gimmicks do you need to attract new leads (leads)? Analyze your search needs. Furthermore, we will analyze your USP and design a website that will attract customers and acquire prospects while utilizing your strengths.

Deliverables: Website design documents and site maps that take advantage of our strengths

Content design

Once the site map is complete, design the content for each page. Design an outline and materialize the content you want on each page.

Deliverable: Content design document

Manuscript production of web contents

We support the manuscript production of each page based on the content design of each page. We make samples, cast writers and check manuscripts produced by your company.

Deliverables: Manuscript of each page

Making a wire frame

The completed manuscript is made into a wire frame to embody the image of the entire site. At this stage, we will also implement internal SEO measures to strengthen our ability to attract customers.

Deliverables: Wire frame

Web design

We design the website based on the wire frame. If you have a CMS, etc., we will select and customize design themes and templates. If you want multiple design proposals, we can propose multiple designs using crowdsourcing.

Deliverable: Web design proposal

Coding of website

Code the actual website based on the design and wireframe. It is also possible to code responsive sites that support multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets.