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  • Set Goals

    Create a set of achievable goals

    There is no point setting a goal like 'I want to be ranked number 1 in Google for a clothing store within three months'. This is unrealistic, even to the largest department stores out there. Instead, come up with a realistic set of goals. Start with conversions, and set a goal based on a percentage increase in sales or brand awareness.

    In the end, Inbound Marketing is about one thing and one thing only: converting traffic and gaining sales/ awareness. Rankings are a factor of this, but by no means the most important one.

    Go with a goal such as 'I wish to increase web-conversions by 20% over the next six months'. This is a realistic and highly achievable goal for any Inbound Marketing venture. Having set yourself this goal, strategise how you are going to go about achieving this. If you follow our guide to the letter, this should not be a problem.

  • Stay Relevant

    Everything must be relevant

    In a moment you will learn all about web spam. However, we would like to give you a quick insight that should serve as a baseline for not only avoiding web-spam, but for creating a well-rounded and successful SEO/ SMM strategy.

    That insight is to make sure that everything you write or code into your website must be completely relevant to the function of your website, or at least to the function of the web page that it is based on.

    If you write something about an image, make sure that it accurately describes the image. If you write something in the meta data of a web page, make sure that it accurately describes the web page. In the world of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing it is so tempting to shove a few un-related keywords into this space or that space, hoping for quick results. These quick results do often come, but when you're found out, the penalties are potentially catastrophic. And Google always finds their man.

  • Stay Moderate

    Use everything in Moderation

    Like everything in life, all SEO and SMM tactics should be used in moderation.

    There is such a thing as over optimisation. If any single optimisation tactic is over-used, it will flag up a spam signal to the search engines. Because of this, our recommendation is to utilise a combination of all of the below techniques in equal measure, without focusing to much on one in particular.

    The creation of interesting and unique content is the be-all and end-all of any successful SEO or SMM campaign.

Meeting your website designer/developer for the first time.

  • Will my website be built in a content management system?
  • What language will my website be written in?
  • Will my website be a bespoke design or from a template?
  • What testing will you do once my website i built?
  • What browsers will my website be made to work with?
  • Is search engine optimisation (SEO) included?
  • Is the website mobile friendly?
  • Where will my website be hosting?
  • How to integrate social meia into your website?
  • Can I have multi language support
  • Website Maintenance
  • Creating your brief and working out what you want design.

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