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There is simply nothing on the scale of the WeChat platform outside China and it’s fair to say that few people wanting to do business in China or to the Chinese community locally can afford to ignore this platform.

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Entering the China / Chinese Market? Forget a website. It’s WeChat First.

WeChat is a popular messaging app that does pretty much anything you need- Think Facebook messenger on steroids. You can pay for goods and services, book taxis, book train tickets, send money to friends- again, pretty much anything you need.With 938 million monthly active users globally and 2.5 million users in Singapore, WeChat marketing is crucial is any inbound marketing campaigns.

WeChat has over 1 billion daily active users since 2018

45 billion messages sent daily

WeChat is growing at a rate 35% YOY

410 million audio and video calls daily

2.5 million WeChat users in Singapore

WeChat boasts a 95% smartphone penetration rate in Malaysia

Our 4-Steps to WeChat Marketing Success

Most businesses are using WeChat for pushing promotional branded content and setting up an E-commerce store to capitalise on socially driven commerce.

However the possibilities for organisations go far beyond this. Interesting case studies include the LINQ hotel in Las Vegas which enabled their hotel rooms’ equipment (lights, doors, air con etc.) to be controlled via their WeChat official account.

Official Account Development

Content Translation
Custom Menu
Content Input
Backend functions


Increase Followers

Content writing
Promotions etc



O2O Marketing
Interactive Marketing
Word of Mouth
Develop new customers


Manage customer relationship via direct messaging
Collecting customer feedback
After-sales conversation
Broadcast messages

Detailed functions of WeChat public accounts

There are differences between subscription and services WeChat public accounts. You can find a list of these differences in the table beside.

Subscription accounts

Subscription accounts are a good choice for companies or individuals for which content is the core service provided to customers: ability to publish daily is a key feature and other features provided by the account are more limited

Service accounts

Service accounts are more appropriate for companies aiming at providing a wider set of services through WeChat: customer service, e-commerce, games, or other interactive feature. Content can be provided but it is not the core service

Services Subscription Account Service Account
# of messages 1 per day 4 per month
Visibility Inside dedicated Folder Within friend list
Automatic answers: send url, WeChat message, video, sound or pictures when users sends a message Yes Yes
WeChat Menus: Menus at the bottom of the account linking to web-pages Yes Yes
Targeted messaging: Put users in sub-groups to send targeted messages Yes Yes
Customer service messages: Enable to message users via WeChat API. Yes Yes
E-Commerce functionality No Yes
URL Shortening: Generate QR Codes based on short URL No Yes
Multiple QR Code to identify traffic source No Yes

Cost Effective WeChat Marketing

Our aim is to fill the marketing gap in your business by becoming your "pay-as-you-go," full-service Wechat marketing department.


$400 Per Month
  • 2 Articles a Month (B-Monthly)
  • Custom Text Formatting
  • Custom Reply Function (< 10)
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$600 Per Month Value
  • 4 Articles a Month (Weekly)
  • Articles shared 2 times
  • Custom Text Formatting
  • Custom Reply Function (< 10)
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$1200 Per Month
  • 8 Articles a Month (Weekly)
  • Article shared 6 times
  • Custom Text Formatting
  • Custom Reply Function (< 10)
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Creation of China OA Account

Registration Fees for Service Account including setting up the welcome message & keyword auto-reply feature.

  • * Suitable for Companies trying to target the China Market.


Purchase Plan
  • WeChat Registration Setup
  • WeChat Menu Setup
  • Custom QR Code Design
  • Chinese Translation
  • WeChat Design Localization

Setting up of International OA Account

Registration Fees for Service Account including setting up the welcome message & keyword auto reply feature.

  • * Suitable for Companies trying to target the Chinese community outside China.


Purchase Plan
  • WeChat Registration Setup
  • WeChat Menu Setup
  • Custom QR Code Design
  • Chinese Translation
  • WeChat Design Localization

Micro Influencer Marketing in China

Influencer marketing isn’t optional in China. More than anywhere else, consumers rely on reviews by peers and bloggers to tell them what’s hot before purchasing.

Leveraging on influencers is a good way to reach your potential customers through other channels while having the help of ambassadors. By exposing your company’s brand to several social circles of people, brand ambassadors will help you to reach your goals and to create a brand image while increasing awareness of your company.

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If you’re looking for a group of China based digital influencers, we can help you organise the most rewarding campaign for your business.


Other Services

Providing a holistic brand experience for the Chinese consumer in Singapore and China

Media Strategy

Deriving a plan of action on how messages will be delivered to the Chinese consumer.

WeChat Management

Get your WeChat marketing going now with the help of our in-house teams. 

Community Management

Helping you build an authentic Chinese community through various touchpoints.


Live Broadcasting

Use live video to change the way your brand can interact with audiences.

Influencer Engagement

Identifying and working with the right Chinese influencers to work with your brand.

Offline Activation

Promoting your product, brand, or service through in-person interactions via events.

Trying to reach out to the Singapore Chinese market?

Not sure how to target the Chinese consumers in Singapore? Our content marketing strategy generates constant leads for you all year round. It costs about 62% less than traditional marketing yet generates about 3x as many leads. Use our content to show chinese customers what makes you special from the rest.

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