Why Otaku Interactive? When you get right down to it, our philosophy, our approach – is ridiculously simple: To help you transform some of the pains that often come with owning a business to the pleasure that we believe is your right as a business owner.

Our History

From our early CD-ROM projects, Otaku Interactive has specialized in the development of highly interactive and visually stunning media.

Since 2008, we have built our reputation online by creating dynamic digital experiences that capture imaginations and enhance our clients’ branding. Otaku Interactive’s tagline, "Changing ambiguities to specifics" conveys the pride we take in our work, and the quality of product design we bring to every engagement.

Flexible. Responsible and Accountable.

We are in a time when doing a business over the Internet is no longer a novelty but rather a necessity. Marketing and communications is more of an evolutionary process than an exact science. By following our strategic process that identifies specific and measurable goals, we establish a direction for your branding and marketing.

As an Interactive Marketing company we work in both traditional and digital mediums that are essential to your brand, marketing and communications efforts. Think of us as your business partner. We firmly believe that the internet should be central to your brand experience, your business, and your marketing and sales approach. It is the always-on, most cost effective business and marketing tool available to you today.

We believe in delivering effective and accountable executions. From the earliest stages of brand development to late market maturity, we bring new attention and energy to your communications endeavors, helping you to creatively and effectively build and maintain top-of-mind position throughout the life cycle of your brand that deliver the best returns from marketing and technology investments.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Passionate and highly skilled, our structure enables us to be flexible and efficient, with the capacity to deliver high quality solutions.

Quality Team

We pride ourselves on our professional and talented team, positive and productive culture and work environment. We have a diverse collection of people and expertise, yet we all share the same vision; to create memorable, powerful and relevant web applications and user experiences.

Innovative Design

Formally trained professionals, our designers have extensive experience in graphic, information and interface design. Creating rich methods for communication, usability, and concept and strategy development, they help us deliver complex technologies in ways that are easy and memorable to use.

Smart Technology

The technical team ensures all the cool stuff that we come up with works from a technology and functionality standpoint, and that client back-end management and communication processes remain as efficient and productive as possible.

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Myron Tay (Singapore) : +65 9784 9506
伍晓楠 (广州) : 13612456108

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