InsuranceJobs.sg is an online platform dedicated to connecting job seekers with employment opportunities in the insurance industry in Singapore. It serves as a specialized job portal that caters specifically to insurance professionals, offering a wide range of job listings across various sectors within the insurance field.

The platform focuses on providing a user-friendly and efficient job search experience for candidates, allowing them to browse and apply for relevant positions with ease. The website also provides resources and information related to career development and industry trends, ensuring that candidates have access to valuable insights to enhance their professional growth.

Employers and insurance agencies can benefit from InsuranceJobs.sg as well, leveraging the platform’s extensive reach and targeted audience to efficiently recruit top talent in the insurance sector.

Overall, InsuranceJobs.sg plays a vital role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers in the insurance industry, facilitating connections, and fostering career opportunities in Singapore’s insurance sector.

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We designed a playful and expressive logo that embodies the essence of personability and meaningful connections – a symbol that captures the promise of direct and straightforward communication, essential in the realm of recruitment.


We created tailor-made branding and recruitment videos, designed exclusively for partnering financial advisory firms. These videos are carefully crafted to showcase the achievements of the advisories and adeptly communicate their distinctive values and mission.

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