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Taboola has published a rather interesting study that presents a series of conclusions based on the analysis of the behavior of more than 5,000 consumers.

Among all of them, in general terms, it seems that people are more open and receptive to receiving information, especially video ads, at specific times of the day, such as before going to sleep (31%), during their working hours ( 17%), or even in the bathroom (16%). Of course, we must distinguish between gender preferences in this area, since women are more likely to pay attention to advertising messages when waking up or going to sleep, while men better assimilate the message of brands when they are in the toilet.

Delving into the preferences of Internet users about video advertising, many of them seem to be concerned primarily with the technical characteristics of video ads, rather than their content. Most are more interested in knowing whether they can skip the ad, or avoid unwanted interruptions, than the brand’s own creative and advertising message. They tend to pay more attention to the ads if allow themselves to cancel the advertisement or if they inevitably interrupt their browsing (56%) rather than focusing on the creativity of the ad as such – whether it is entertaining or relevant (44%) or paying attention to the brand’s message. Furthermore, 65% seem to like a product advertised on digital video less if it appears advertised in the middle of an article or interrupts reading and browsing.

Finally, also in general terms, the study emphasizes that 80% of consumers tend to trust video ads inserted in news portals more than those that are included in social networks. This percentage in turn coincides, fundamentally, with all users over 35 years of age, who are warier of this type of platform. However, the opposite occurs with people between the ages of 18 and 24, who rely less on advertising on news portals (68%), and do so more on social networks (32%).

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