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Some users are getting tired of invasive advertising, hence Inbound Marketing has been implemented as strongly as a digital marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing is a methodology based on attracting clients with valuable content, useful and relevant in each stage of the Buyer’s Journey. With Inbound Marketing, potential customers will end up finding your company through different channels such as search engines, social networks, blogs, or via your website.

Inbound differs from traditional marketing you need not “force” consumers to see your communications but seeks to “attract” the attention of potential customers by creating content designed to address the needs and problems of your ideal clients ( Buyer Persona ). This way you will be able to attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your company.

Why do you need to incorporate inbound marketing into your company?

The Inbound methodology is the best way to attract strangers and turn them into clients and evangelizers of your company.

The 4 stages of an inbound marketing strategy


It is not that all users end up visiting your website, but to attract those who are really interested in you and can become sales opportunities and, in the end, satisfied customers. It is achieved by offering valuable content at the right time (that is, when they are looking for content to solve a problem or a need).


Once you have managed to attract relevant visits to your website, the next step to follow is to convert them into sales opportunities. To achieve this, you have to start a conversation in the way that best suits them; such as using forms, messages or downloadable content with which to start interacting. When you are already in contact with your visitors, you must answer all the questions that are asked and offer them relevant and valuable content for each of your buyer persona, and thus continue the communication that has started.


You have already managed to attract the right visitors and turn part of them into business opportunities. You are on the right path. Now all that remains is to transform these opportunities into clients. The most effective method to achieve this will depend on the sales tools available and the particularities of each potential client. All you have to do is create the best approach, with the best offer and thus successfully close the sale.


The Inbound Marketing methodology is based on offering an excellent experience to each client. In addition, current users have higher expectations of companies and customer service. Therefore, it is important to help them solve their problems and needs, through a correct interaction, of value that delights them. If this is achieved, then they will continue to buy from you and you will generate a long-term link with them, they will recommend your company (evangelizers) and they will tell everyone that they are fans of your brand.
Working together, it is possible to attract anonymous users who are potential clients and convert them into visits, sales opportunities, clients and promoters. The methodology is even more powerful when it is implemented in your sales strategy.

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